Claire Brummell has been the creator, founder and resident expert for the following brands over the last 10 years:

  • The Universal Needs (2016-Present) – Helping Individuals, communities and organisations understand the 12 Universal Needs through consulting, training, mentoring, courses and products.
  • (2018-Present) – Mentoring and consulting in business, life and love
  • Love, Polarity and Passion (2014-2018) – Relationship coaching and mentoring, courses and products
  • Successful But Single (2013-2018) – Helping people who have been successful in business create fulfilment in relationship
  • Feminine 1st (2011-2018) – Women’s mentor and coach, courses and products providing support and guidance in business, life and love.

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Sue Sharp – Stratford-Upon-Avon, UK

I have been working with The Universal Needs practice for a few months now and am delighted with the results that I am getting. When I first started the course I was in a vulnerable emotional space and was not feeling that strong or aligned in myself.  While lots of things have played a part in helping me be where I am just a few months later, I am certain that The Universal Needs Process has been a major contributor.   

By focusing on recognising what my own needs are and by finding ways to consistently meet those by myself and for myself each day has provided me with an inner calm and strength that I haven’t felt for some years, perhaps even ever. I feel more in control of my emotions, myself and my choices in life.  I am less affected by the ups and downs of everyday life (and other people’s wants and needs) and I find it easier to state my needs clearly to others without any emotional intensity, just as a statement. This has made it a lot easier to discuss difficult topics and stay aligned with myself and my decisions.

I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is feeling a bit ‘wobbly’ in their life or for anyone who knows that they aren’t as happy and fulfilled, or emotionally stable as they’d like to be.  If you’re ready to take a few short months to learn a new way to support yourself then this interesting and interactive course is for you. Once the course is completed it’s literally a 10-minute activity each day and is worth every minute for the impact it’s having.

Claire, thank you for putting the course together and sharing it with the world.  I hope that everyone who has the slightest sense of being drawn to exploring this work just jumps on board and gives themselves this gift. Trust me, in my opinion, it’s well worth the investment.

Lisette Van Der Maarel – Switzerland

Initially I just thought I needed someone to help me on deadlines and keeping me accountable to things, because that’s where I thought the lack was lying. But then Claire came along and highlighted a whole lot of different issues and I thought “Yes! That could be a very interesting approach to get some other things resolved that were clearly at the basis of my problem”

I was my biggest obstacle, because I’m really good at trying to do everything on my own but sometimes you just need that person who is a bit further away from you to help you figure it out, and highlight different things that are going on, because they have a different perspective.

I really felt stuck and I was getting frustrated with myself in not being able to take those necessary steps to move forward. I felt a connection with you, it felt right, and the things you were saying made so much sense to me

I think the process of working with Claire is great. She always makes me feel really comfortable, you always check in at the start of the conversations, what I really loved is how you’ve put together the presentations…there is a lot of thought and care that has gone into them and it is always very clear and easy to follow. And the other thing I really appreciate is how open you are about your own experiences because that makes it very personal and it makes it very easy to relate to certain things. When you go through the needs process and how you compare it to a tree which makes it very visual, which helps people to memorise things more easily it sticks better. But it’s also, some of the needs are not always as easy to understand how they manifest or how you can meet them, so I really appreciate all the personal details you put in it and the openness you have on sharing your own stories because that’s what makes it fun and nice and personal and it shows your vulnerability which makes it easy for me to be vulnerable as well.

I liked the beliefs process, the getting rid of limiting beliefs, being reminded of that and cutting it off at the root that helped. And at the end of it where you put your needs practice in place, every day, I don’t know how you did it, but I’m still doing it after 2 months I have not skipped a day! And I cannot recall another habit which I have stuck with for two months straight so it’s really working, it’s giving me more peace of mind, more focus, more freedom, more self-confidence in the fact that I can take care of my own needs and I’m not dependent on anyone else. Yes, I’ve cried during sessions, and at the same time in others we laughed and had fun and had those a-ha moments where I realised ‘oh THAT’s where it’s coming from!’ Definitely those things have helped me with moving forward.

I definitely have a clearer understanding of what my needs are and how I can meet them in a much better way. And because of that practice, and because of that awareness of my needs and how I can meet them it just freed up space and it allows me to concentrate on other areas where I needed to. And I now have the confidence in myself to take that action and it’s OK if it doesn’t go the way I planned it to go. So I’ve got a lot more peace of mind now than I had six months ago. So I can focus on the things I want to focus on now which I had trouble with before.

The biggest benefits for me have been my peace of mind, more confidence, and I love that I’ve managed to get this habit going, which means I can do it in other areas as well.

I definitely would recommend working with Claire, you’ll discover things about yourself that you might not know, you’ll also discover thing about society and the way society pushes us to think and feel in a certain way, so you’ll become ware of that, and you’ll be able to break that habit and create a new one, you’ll definitely grow, you’ll get to know yourself better and you’ll be better armed for the future to deal with whatever comes your way in a better way.

If there is any doubt whether this is for you just do the discovery call, it’s not going to cost you anything except a little bit of your time, and you might learn something about yourself that you didn’t know, and if it’s a good fit, great, go for it, and if not you’ve not lost anything. There is no reason not to do the call. Just give it a try…

Lynn Hord – Australia

I’ve just finished off a year of actually getting treated for breast cancer. So when I joined the program I was still, I was getting my last phase of treatment. I had finished chemo and I was still feeling a lot of fatigue from that. But I’d also had my really big operation so I wasn’t sure I would have the energy to get what I wanted out of the program. 

I wanted to do it, but internally I was really resistant because I didn’t want to be overwhelmed. I didn’t know if I’d be able to put the time in. But after a conversation between us you told me ‘if you sacrifice your needs in order to do the program, that’s kind of missing the point’. The permission that you gave me to join the program and know that, I didn’t have to do EVERYTHING, whatever I COULD do, was actually going to be meeting my needs was great. 

Previously I was, that A-type, you know, if I’m going to invest in a program, I’m going to make sure I do all of it. But that wasn’t necessarily to my benefit because, of the stress and the internal pressure that we put on ourselves. The only rule in this program is make sure you’re meeting your needs, and you’re not sacrificing your needs. And with that as your rudder, when you’re going through the program, it makes it wonderful.

When you don’t have the energy sometimes to put into a program, you just get frustrated, because you essentially just beat up on yourself but in this program, that just kind of all went away.

It’s an incredibly comprehensive program. I just love how I now have such a deep understanding of what needs means.  I work in the personal development field and I’ve done a lot over the last decade and a half, but I have never come across something that is this comprehensive, this deep, and can have the ongoing impact that it does. I was blown away by what’s in the program and how you explain it. It’s so empowering. 

In order for you to reach that  level of balance, vitality and whatever it is you kind of looking for. All of these things need to be supported. 

The practice is simple, quick and easy. And just checking in with what I needed was really powerful, and it’s really quick. We write wonderful lists as part of the program so it’s not like we don’t lack for ideas and then it’s the habit of during your day making sure that you are doing those things so that you get the nourishment of having your needs met. So it is a very simple practice.

And the red-green spectrum is quite something. I’d never seen anything like it before and it was amazing. In terms of there’s a a spectrum of ways that you can meet your needs. On one end we have the TV dinner way, where you’re going to get hungry real quick afterwards. Then the other end we have the nutritious nourishing way where you stay satisfied for a long time after. And I’d never seen that. You say you meet your needs all the time in every moment. And I was like, ‘Holy crap’, I really do. The question was was I meeting them in a TV dinner kind of way or a fully satisfied way?

And that awareness that you help us to build through the program, it just permeates into your every day. 

You take us step by step through how to, understand, how to recognize, how to understand if we’re being it in a green or a red way. And it’s so tailored, it’s about how do YOU meet YOUR needs? The journey that you take us on, ends in being specifically how do I meet MY needs, and a very simple, practical tool that I can do every day to kind of build that habit and that practice.

It is the tool they didn’t teach us at school. It is the easy habit that can make you less anxious, more energized, have better relationships and the list goes on. Because you’re not ‘out there’ trying to meet your needs, with people or things or other stuff outside of you, which causes all kinds of dramas and problems (and we’re doing that because we don’t necessarily realize or know how to meet our own needs). So when you DO know how to meet your own needs, you can be more grounded and you can engage with the world in an entirely different way. It is a different way of living. It’s a beautiful, richer way of living.

We have so much more resource to share when we are internally resourcing ourselves. 

You actually hold such a nurturing, safe, nonjudgmental space. And I think that that does make a difference. You have done a lot of your own work and that comes across in the brilliant space that you are able to hold. 

So it doesn’t matter where people are. It doesn’t matter if they are new to needs work or they’ve done a lot on this, it’s a new way of working. You have such capacity to hold people wherever they are and then gently move them forward. The was the thing I had been missing in my life, was somebody who could be both hold and be gentle. So it’s a very structured process, but held in that very unique container.

I feel more solid in myself. It’s more of a feeling than something that I can verbalize, but I feel more grounded and centered. And I recommend the program because I think understanding your needs, knowing how to meet your needs can create a fundamentally richer life. 

Roxanne Halliday – Miami, USA

Oh my god! Literally in the last two weeks my life has changed.

I have embraced understanding other people. That’s where this program is helping me, because I already understood myself pretty well. I still get tips, but AMAZING things have been happening with my relationships.

For two years I’ve been separated from my ex, and he’s no longer my ex anymore, because I actually understand him and his needs, and now our relationship is incredible.

Other people have said to me that even though I’m the same person, I’m a different person. There’s another level to me. I’m calmer, more at peace, everything is just simpler and easier.

Dr Marie McGrath – London, UK

I’m like every woman. I have a business that I run, I have 10 people that I employ, I have a little girl, I have my family and I have myself and I think that probably the most poignant thing I can say is that I had acknowledged that I was last on my own list as a woman.

Honestly, I felt I was functioning but not living and I was drowning but I didn’t know I was drowning and I didn’t know I was drowning until I physically manifested disease.

It took me to get to a brink to be able to realise and reassess my life and my needs and prioritise my needs and speak about my needs and action my needs. I was diagnosed last year with quite a rare cancer, very atypical for my age given that I was so clean living and I had absolutely none of the environmental risk factors. I had a very big and brutal operation, and Im very please to say that I’m sitting here and that journey has been nothing short of miraculous, but it has taken a lot of self-reflection, and a lot of personal shifts and a lot of work to get to this point. 

I think the forms of help that are available, the very traditional help that is available, isn’t suitable for everybody, everyone is at a different point in their lives and everyone’s at a different point of consciousness, so what I really was looking for was someone who could hold a very safe space for me someone completely neutral, where I could be myself completely, tell my story, who would witness it and who would guide me in the work I needed to do for my recovery. 

The only obstacle is yourself and the value you give yourself, so there is no obstacle, not for me anymore, I value myself too much. That has changed 100% since working with Claire, and it’s an ongoing journey and you have to remind yourself daily when you get caught in the cacophony of everything and the traditional, life as a mum and a busy worker, and someone with a professional career. You have to remind yourself daily how important it is taking that time and space for yourself, whether you want to do it through coaching or through whichever avenue opens your heart and allows you to be.

How do I do working with Claire justice verbally? A safe space, a very sacred space, a very non-judgemental space. I find your guidance to be beautiful, I find it very tailor-made for who you’re dealing with, I feel that you connect with your clients in a way that other coaches don’t, and you tailor your programs to their needs in that respect. The energy and the connection. With something like coaching it either works or it doesn’t, you feel that connection with someone or you don’t, you give that to people that you draw in first off. 

The most important thing I felt immediately was a release. I think that’s so important to feel that release and to feel your emotions whatever they may be whatever your feeling because we’re taught in our society not to feel, we’re so shut down. That release and getting back in touch with myself somatically and emotionally, was the big thing for me. And always has been for you with me, between us…you put me back in my body and you put me back in my mind and you help me connect both of those elements together.

There have been so many ah-ha moments…there are so many of them that I have my own name for when you come out with your amazing realisations and insights! There are so many of those moments. And you have a gift for saying exactly the right thing at the right time. 

What you do is really really simple but super powerful as is how you do it. It’s not a complicated thing, it’s very simple, it’s very elemental and that’s something I’m very drawn to. We’re busy enough and we’re complicated enough and so to add that other layer in life you just want to keep things really simple. I feel there’s a wonderful state of flow between you and your clients, between you and I, and again I’m going to mention the safety. You have to be able to express all of you and all of your colours and all of the dark bits of your characteristics as well as all the light and you do that beautifully, you manage that beautifully.

It’s like lifting the lid off a pot that’s been cooking for hours and hours and years and years and that lid needs to be lifted off gently and safely before it bubbles over and most of us women in modern society will allow it to bubble over. Mental health related issues are at an all time high and I see that with my own patients daily and there is nowhere for them to go. So finding key people like yourself is so important.

I feel like I’ve stepped back into my power, and you help hold me there. You hold me accountable, it’s me that has to do the work, but you hold me accountable to stay in that power. That’s very powerful, that’s really important as a woman. Because we’re bombarded all the time so I now hold my own. I hold my own with my child, I hold my own with my staff, I hold my own with my partners, I hold my own with my relationships, so keeping in that, keeping my voice alive, keeping my voice expressed is very important.

I think that when I’m in a state where I’m maintaining that state of power within myself I’m making much clearer decisions, much better decisions in my business, I’m making much clearer decisions in my relationships and my connections with people from my patients to everybody that is in my life. And that’s so powerful.

Three key things about working with me…the simpleness of your process, it’s just a solid, simple foundation, if anyone’s ever going to start something like this, they need to start it with you and your program. Being able to be in your full expression. Really practical guidance that you can take to every part of your life.

Take her number, call her now, just liberate yourself from the funk that overtakes us all. It’s a no-brainer, I think you’re wonderful and I’m not just saying that because we’re doing this interview, I believe in everything that you do and in who and how you are. What’s also key is that there are thousands of coaches out there, you’re the embodiment of what you talk about and what you guide, you practice what you preach. And that’s what’s so different about you. Because there’s a lot of people that talk about this but they don’t embody it and they don’t live it, and they are not the example. You want to see someone who is an example.

There’s a blossoming that comes when you apply the work, it’s all within yourself, you have to do it. You can read a hundred books, you can watch a million youtube videos, you can listen to the greatest gurus and sages of all time but if you’re not applying it and you’re not making it relevant to your life then it’s just advice it doesn’t become wisdom.

I still have to remind myself to take that time but through this process with you I’m much more mindful of that now. I’ve put aside the guilt and all the other usual stuff that we’re conditioned with, that we’re taught, that’s ingrained in us…that’s all falling away. And whether I’m a better person or not, I FEEL better and that’s the most important thing, that’s what translates to everyone around me. Especially my child and my loved ones…and you set that example to them.  You are teaching them that example of how important it is and that it all comes from within, and we’re all worthy of that time, and love and attention and investment in ourselves. 

Our children watch us. They don’t do as we say, they do as they see. 

All I hear from my female patients is this overwhelming guilt and self-sacrifice and martyrdom, and we’ve got to change the paradigm, it’s so important because this is what we’re teaching them and you want to be the best example you can be. Now when I go out of the door with my yoga mat, my child says to me, ‘Oh Mummy you’re going to yoga, that’s nice’ So she can see it’s springing into well being and that’s going to be a decision she makes for herself later on. We’re teaching physical and mental wellbeing and that’s how we become better human beings, all the way around.

You provide a wonderful gift to people. There’s no pressure with this, there’s no ego in the work that Claire does, I love you! I’m excited to continue my journey with Claire, I am grateful for her, I’m grateful for the gifts that she has, and that she’s so authentic. You’re the real deal and I’m so grateful for you and I can’t wait to see where my journey with you takes me next, it’s going to be even more beautiful than it’s been already!

There is a different way, we don’t have to do what we were taught and conditioned, we need to unlearn everything and start again and really come from a place of happiness and joy and it is possible to have it all, it’s just a question of how you see it and how you deal with it and how you handle things. 

Josephine Griscti – United Arab Emirates

I was introduced to Claire through the ‘Nourish Your Needs’ Facebook community that she runs. She held a 5-day mini masterclass about self-care and meeting one’s own needs. Through this I realised that I was expecting other people to meet my needs. This is not only disempowering but leads to a lot of frustration and resentment towards other people. I was, at the time, very frustrated with my husband because I felt that he wasn’t meeting my needs. I also binged on Netflix and felt completely out of control when it came to this. 

I had this incredibly strong urge to work with her. I felt that it was exactly what I needed at the time. I was incredibly lucky to have financial help from my mum to do the programme. 

I had a lot of “aha” moments throughout our sessions, but the biggest ones for me were recognising my limiting beliefs and untruths about myself I was holding onto subconsciously, and understanding the difference between disempowering and empowering behaviours. I now have the tools to meet my own needs. 

I am currently meeting all my own needs consistently and this has made a monumental difference in my relationship with my husband and my day-to-day life. I manage my expectations and emotions so much better. I feel more balanced and productive, not to mention I am more present and calm with my 4 year old. I also have a lot more energy at the end of the day than I used to. More importantly, I’m less reliant on external factors and other people to meet my needs. The need to look outside of myself for my needs to be met has lessened dramatically. Other things it’s helped with include: spending too much time on social media, Netflix bingeing, procrastination, self-awareness and motivation. These changes occurred after a mere few days after starting the daily needs practice. 

The needs practice is such an important ritual in itself and one that intensifies feelings self-worth and self-care. I had only been doing it for a few days when I missed a day because I kept postponing it – I found myself still doing it in the evening because it became that important to me. It’s not something I ever want to skip again! It is such a powerful practice. 

Claire is a very warm, trustworthy and kind person who makes you feel comfortable immediately. She is also extremely passionate, knowledgeable and professional. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact her again should I feel the need for further sessions. I could never fully express the gratitude I feel for her, the work she does and all the knowledge she shares. This program is nothing short of a true gift to humanity. I couldn’t recommend it more. 

I always hope that my son will grown up to be emotionally resilient, and emotionally independent and the fact that life has led me to you for me to be able to teach that to him so that he doesn’t have to go through what I did, is nothing short of a miracle.

Anuradha – London, UK

This past summer, I had the great pleasure of taking the Universal Needs course. It was just at the perfect time in my life, a much needed reminder to take care of my needs.

Claire gave us permission to center our needs and find ways to nourish our roots in ways that we often ignore or have forgotten or simply didn’t know how.

The deep work was welcome at a pivotal point in my own trajectory. I’m walking away from the course feeling refreshed, able to listen to my needs with the eyes of compassion, and most importantly, allow myself more space to slow down to meet those needs.

I highly recommend her work and this opportunity to work with her. This offer is an excellent opportunity to work with her (or hold your spot for the future) at a discounted rate.

Serena Fackos – Florida, USA

I truly believe I am a better person because of the needs work. The way I am now able to show up for myself, as well as others, is profound. Thank you so much for sharing this with me.

Dion Johnson – London

I really like not setting mammoth goals to meet your needs. Last week was particularly useful to me around just doing what you can, understanding what your needs are, understanding how you prefer to meet those needs in a green way and then just doing what you can. Just making doing SOMETHING non-negotiable, but not setting these horrendously burdensome goals it’s been really amazing for me and helped. So you know last week I realised that I really NEED to move my body, that’s what came up, and I do it in a variety of ways, I dance, I run, I do exercise, but just being able to not put any kind of restriction on it and just say ‘I’m going to move my body every day’ has been amazing this last week. It’s just really helped and it’s made it really easy to do more.

I really have appreciated the wide range of slides that you’ve used, your slides have been amazing. I find myself caught off guard with some of the images because I’m just not used to seeing that variety of representation so I’ve really appreciated the effort that must have gone in to creating those slides to be that diverse and inclusive. So thank you for that.

Melissa Parker – Australia

On Friday night I had  a 1 on 1 with Claire Brummell . I must admit I was nervous and thought what am I going to talk about.

Naturally all that anxiety was for naught, Claire is lovely, and set me at ease immediately, and our conversation progressed in a natural fashion, but quickly got to the core of something I have had on mind.

Claire voiced what I knew deep down, so validation to know I was doing the best thing for me at this time was wonderful. And things I thought I was simply being ‘lazy’ about or procrastinating about – Claire explained to me that by avoiding these things , was actually meeting my needs – Wow – mind blown – and yep once she explained it all I was like of course.

Anyway I feel so blessed with the session and I really look forward to learning more from Claire.

Bettina Rosch – Germany

Last Thursday I had my Session with Claire Brummell. It was a great session full of warmth, wisdom and helpful insights. With Claire’s help I’ve  realized that I really need to look after my most basic needs, the roots of my tree

I’ve spent the past few weeks basically in survival mode, this realization hit me after the session.  Claire encouraged me( once more) to allow my feelings,  to feel my feelings,  to express my feelings.

All my feelings are valid and need to be acknowledged not to be suppressed.

I want to treat myself very kindly, extra nicely and extra respectfully  to regain trust in myself and in life again. I am worthy just because I exist.

Thank you very much, Claire, for this amazing session

Bobbie Covert – USA

We met and chatted yesterday. And it was TERRIFIC! Claire has this ability to through all my “swirling” (meaning – I am having issues in 2 main parts of my life) to explain how much of this is connected (when it didn’t readily appear connected to me.) I am really intrigued by her needs model, which she also explained so well in our mtg, and I really want to learn more…

But most of all it’s nice to be HEARD by someone, and understood by someone, who is so very objective… Claire pretty much cuts to the root of what is happening, and FAST!

Kristin Mathews – Wisconsin

Thank you Claire for your time, support and insight this morning! So blessed to have one on one time with you. You helped me realize that my feelings are valid and that it’s ok not to have all of the answers. Just moving forward to the best of my abilities and with a humble mindset is what matters for me. I appreciate you!

I really feel like this has been a huge and positive takeaway from this past year. People have time to make connections that otherwise may never have happened. People are all eager for connection and finding purpose. People are paying attention to what’s going on in our world and communities…and are stepping up to create change.

Alexandra Niel – Shanghai, China

There have been recurring themes in my life that I haven’t been able to address, that have kept resurfacing and I was looking for a way to tackle them on a more permanent basis.

Going through The Universal Needs Process is like peeling an onion. You get through one layer, to the next, to the next, until you get to the heart and the root cause. It’s only when you get to the root cause that you can fix all the other layers. This program gives you the understanding, coping skills and tools to get to the root of what’s going on, and to be able to address it in a healthy way.

By going through the program I learned to be more forgiving of myself. I used to beat myself up so much, and by going through the process I realised that I’m not perfect (which is an illusion anyways) and that it’s OK. That element of being nicer to me, more forgiving and kinder was the biggest gift that came out of the program for me.

The experience was enlightening. This is a positive way to introspect and think about where we are and how we live, I really enjoyed the process and would highly recommend it. 

Claire, I think you’re awesome. I love the passion you have, how it comes through and how you interact with the people on the program. I really enjoyed working with you! 

Crystal Banoffee – London, UK

Well that’s a workshop I’m really glad I attended!  Claire was so eloquent and the content was so clearly explained and presented! Lovely to feel the participants’ energy too! I think this was really well presented and really well explained from beginning to end! Thank you so much!

Aisha – London, UK

I’ve been practising my needs menu every day since we spoke and I feel so much better, I just feel my tanks getting full, it’s such a nice feeling, I feel much more grounded and calm. It’s like having that as a base as you go through your day, knowing that it’s there makes such a difference, and it’s so different to goal setting, it’s such a different feeling, it feels integrated, like it’s a part of my life, it doesn’t feel like something I have to do or should do, it’s just amazing. I feel an amazing shift.

I already feel that by focusing on my needs process, it’s already energetically shifted things for me.

I feel like I’ve elected myself to take charge of my own personal power and it feels really good! Especially being at work and being in situations that are challenging I’ve been, the process has acted like a little guidepost along the way, it’s so empowering. I’ve also noticed that I can give to others without needing anything back from them, I feel like I can be there more for other people. Through meeting my needs better I can show up better at work, with my family and friends, I can be MORE giving! I feel more grounded and whole in myself as a person. Thank you so much Claire!

One of the things I really admire about you is that you’ve been practising your process and now you’re teaching it, and you’ve had that experience of it. There are so many people out there who don’t practice what they preach and I really admire that about you, it’s really inspiring, I just wanted to tell you that.

The Universal Needs Process is just amazing, I feel an amazing shift. Having the practice as a base as you go through your day, knowing that it’s there, makes such a difference. Especially being at work and being in situations that are challenging, the process has acted like a little guidepost along the way, it’s so empowering. Thank you so much Claire!

Thank you so much, it’s been just really insightfu! I feel that I’m able to share the full spectrum of what I’m feeling with you which is different to sharing with a friend or family member. To have someone you can share that whole spectrum with, someone who understands, that is just such a gift…thank you.

Alex Green – London, UK

I got in touch with Claire when I was at an all time low in my life after separating from my long term girlfriend. We had been separated for three years & I was finding day to day life harder & harder as I still work very closely with my ex. I was really struggling to move on with my life, seeing her every day was torture, I had no interest in other women & I didn’t feel I was good enough to have another woman. I was miserable, bad tempered & very bitter towards everybody.

I wanted & needed to get my confidence back & enjoy being my good old, fun loving self again & eventually be able to love somebody else again. I needed to stop being so dependant on my ex for my mood & feelings, personality & even my diary.

Two things could have stopped me from signing up with Claire; the cost & mostly my male pride.

After signing up I very quickly realised that I’m far from the only guy to have felt the way I did after a messy break up & I learnt how to deal with my new found emotions carefully & rationally. I was able to understand & process everything in far better ways than ever before so that I came across in the best way that I possibly could when speaking to my ex & in everything else I did. I also found working with Claire great as she was a complete impartial stranger to my situation. I was able to share every emotion, every detail with her & really get things off my chest & Claire would respond with what I NEEDED to or HAD to hear, instead of what I would WANT to hear like friends & family would do.

Claire was exceptional at speaking to me on my level & explained herself in ways she knew I was able to understand. Her positive nature is extremely infectious & encouraged me to adopt the same mentality.

If you’re sat there like I was, at rock bottom & wasting days, weeks, months, even YEARS grieving over your ex or a similar situation & you’re worried about what little pride you have left, don’t be & take this opportunity to change it & do something about it. Sign up with Claire so you can learn to take charge of your situation & your emotions, take a step back from them & see things from a logical perspective with no emotional attachment & it could be life changing.

If you’re interested, it’s been three months since I first spoke with Claire & I’m back to my cocky old self again, I’m enjoying being in control of my life, still single & now it’s my ex who’s sniffing around me again but I now know that she is not what I want. I’m stronger & happier man than I have been in years & Claire’s expertise is a massive factor in this change.

A – London, UK

  “Walking on this path will take you to places that you cannot even imagine right now” were the words that Claire said to me at the beginning of this journey. 

Well, Claire has held my hand and taken me on a journey deep below the surface, she has helped me to dig deep and make amazing shifts in my life and her guidance in tackling challenging areas is made simple yet the results achieve amazing breakthroughs.

I truly feel that having a personal mentor for guidance is the best investment anyone can make to the most important area of their life.

Claire has taken me on an incredible journey, helping me to meet myself with open arms. I now understand the meaning of self worth and self love where being me is the best place I can be. I feel like I have a strong foundation now. It brings a sense of fulfilment and peace.

I can’t thank you enough Claire for this incredible shift that I am experiencing. Your words were right Claire. Thank you.

Anna B – London, UK

Claire thank you SO much for your brilliant and life-giving perspective. I can’t tell you how grateful I am, I honestly think we were on the brink and if it hadn’t been for your input, it could have gone horribly, horribly wrong.

Things have been really and consistently good this end, feels like I/we have really turned a corner and life is feeling much better. I wouldn’t have got here without your brilliant and intuitive help so thank you so much. You have truly been a God send!

Lucy Shrimpton, The Sleep Nanny – UK

I first met Claire at an event where I heard her speak and, even though the topic was not something I felt relevant to me at the time, something about Claire and the way she spoke resonated with me and I felt the need to meet her. We kept in touch until one day, I reached out to her for some guidance on my business. I had observed Claire had already walked the path I was starting out on and I valued her experience. I was feeling overwhelmed and a bit lost without a clear direction, so I turned to Claire to help me to form a route map and gain some clarity on what I was doing then as well as where I wanted to go.

There are many inspiring people out there today that offer business support, coaching or mentoring and it can be quite scary to take the leap and engage with someone. How do you know they will make a difference to you? How do you know it will be ‘worth it’? For me, it was speaking to Claire and feeling like she ‘gets me’ and speaks my language. I knew that she was the right person for me at that time so I made it happen.

Every time I spoke with Claire I got clearer and clearer about what I needed to do to alleviate the overwhelm and get focused. She shared strategies with me to incorporate into the daily organisation of my business to save me time and keep on top of everything. Some of these I had heard or tried before and some were new ideas to me but having someone present them to me in a way that I could understand and get behind, made all the difference.

Claire records the mentoring sessions so you can always go back and hear it from her again, exactly how she said it. This is really beneficial because when you are in the moment, taking things in, it can be hard to take notes and capture every detail. Claire is also very reliable and punctual and will always stick to her commitments with you. It feels like you have someone who is there for you and truly understands you. I would most certainly recommend Claire as someone to work with in a business mentoring capacity as well as a relationship expert because these actually go hand in hand if you have your own business and need to maintain your relationship as well as build and nurture professional relationships.

Natasha Marie Athanasiadou – Greece

For me life is to create, innovate and dare to do something different so you can leave something behind for the generations to come. Often I get so excited with this idea that its difficult to visualise it in practise. Claire is the one so significant person who always gives me the right idea, perspective and direction at the right time when I need it the most to take the next steps towards fulfilling my dream.

Balbinder Dobe – London, UK

All relationships sometimes hit the bumpers and it is at such times that it is highly beneficial to seek help from an expert. 

My business partner and I had a few challenges in an otherwise very productive relationship. We sought the advice and insight of Claire because we both felt that she had the expertise and credibility to advise us. We are glad that we did.

Having worked and trained with some of the BEST people in this area, Claire had an insight and perspective that only someone who really knows their subject can bring to the table.  She give us very practical advice and guidance to get our highly productive, close and trusting relationship back onto the right tracks.

I would highly recommend Claire to anyone who is considering guidance on ANY relationship, be it an intimate one with a partner or a business relationship.  Listen to what Claire has to say, you will be glad that you did.  She has a wealth of experience and knowledge in this area.

Joanne – UK

Since working with Claire I feel my life and attitude has been transformed beyond belief. I was feeling lost, lonely and frustrated with my life and this was affecting everything – my work, my relationships with family and friends and my relationship with myself. I wanted some help to get me out of the rut I seem to have got myself into, I felt I needed support and help to work out the next steps in my life.

I had some reservations however in terms of signing up to and committing to several sessions of mentoring due to time available (I run a very busy business) and I also wanted to be careful in terms of cost. I have come across many coaches who charge high prices for little in return. Claire really wants to help people and while she values her time and offering (and rightly so), it is not all about money.

Claire asks fantastic questions which get me thinking and asking myself questions I wouldn’t have thought of in terms of my development. She is encouraging, non-judgemental and helps me feel normal in terms of my thinking and the obstacles which are currently present. Every time I speak to her, I feel a weight has been lifted and I feel huge leaps forward in my development. She completely gets me and understands what I am thinking and feeling even before I do sometimes!

Claire doesn’t just ask questions to get me thinking, but she imparts knowledge and information from her experience and learnings to help me look at my situation in different lights. I have so many light bulb moments with Claire, it’s amazing!! I already feel more organised, happy, excited about life, in control, more giving and loving in all areas.

I would say if you have lost your way a little or are feeling your life is not quite as you would like, make Claire your first port of call. She will transform you, I promise!!!

Jessica Libbey, San Francisco USA

As a coach, Claire holds a deep and compassionate space of listening to both what you say and who you are as a woman. She brings so much wisdom, asks great questions and offers beautiful insights and powerful reflections that shine a new light on things in a way you hadn’t seen before. At the same time, she is the “girl next door” who will laugh with you and make you feel completely safe and loved. Claire is a woman who helps you feel deeply seen and heard, and she sees your brilliant potential.

More importantly, she is the coach you can trust to take you there.

Sandra Scott, London, UK (soon to be Los Angeles, USA!)

Claire gave me back my zest for life.  She made me realise I have a choice in how to live my life, and I am forever grateful. Thank you Claire!

Johanna – San Francisco, USA

Claire made a huge impact on me the first time we met in person, she was bright, compassionate and focused. She was able to “hold space” for me to have a huge breakthrough in my life, by being fully present and asking a few masterful questions. She made no judgments and I felt safe with her the very first time we met.

If you’re a woman who wants to live in an empowered way, Claire is the coach for you. And if you’re a man trying to get your mojo back, I can’t think of anyone who could help you more powerfully than Claire.

Tanya Paluso, CEO Tribal Truth – San Francisco, USA

The first time I had a conversation with Claire, I thought: I need to work with this woman.

She is an exemplary leader and I would highly recommend doing any work with her if you want a breakthrough in doing business by taking care of yourself while being of service to others.

If you want to play a bigger game without burning yourself out in the process, go to Claire.

Christine McGrory – Scotland, UK

Claire Brummell is a very unique combination indeed…

Claire is very powerful and successful lady in her own right however what makes Claire unique from many of our female role models is that she manages to create this appeal with a very charming and attractive energy.

This ensures Claire’s message is heard by both aspirational men and woman across the world.

I recommend that if you get the chance to listen to Claire …take it – she will engage and inspire you!

Rachael Taplin – Birmingham, UK

When I met Claire I was a delegate at an event where I saw her speak and I guess I was at a stage where I needed some help.

Claire was just fantastic, I’ve never had coaching before so I was really quite skeptical. I’m a business woman so I’m quite strong and I know my own mind, I’ve got great friends and great relationships with my family, so I thought ‘I can sort this out myself,’ but I thought, ‘no I’m going to give Claire a go.’

What’s so great with Claire, having never had coaching before, is that she really makes you think about yourself. I’ve really had a look at myself and thought about what I’m looking for, rather than just going with the flow when this isn’t working and that isn’t working. Actually looking at WHY isn’t it working and what am I really looking for? And it’s been a great thought process. What’s also great with Claire is when you’re talking she’s really listening a lot, and she’ll reflect back to me things I wasn’t even aware that I’d said. So working with Claire has just been fantastic, I feel that I’ve come on in leaps and bounds. My situation has improved because I’ve improved. It’s still the same situation but I’m so much happier about it and more in control and I feel great about this now and I know I’m going about things in a way that work for me.

So I guess what I wanted to share with you is if you’re in a situation where you need some help whether it’s in business (because she’s helped me with this as well) or personal, Claire REALLY is the woman. She really is empathetic, she’s sympathetic, she’s just absolutely amazing, so thank you Claire, you are a superstar!

Sharona Lautoe, Utrecht, The Netherlands

I met Claire for the first time in 2011 and she has played (and is still playing!) an important role in my path since then. With her ongoing presence, motivation, great humour and big heart she is the embodiment of living from your true feminine core. On a day-to-day base she shares much of herself and she realises that vulnerability is a strength. By experiencing her own transformation and living from her feminine core, I’ve experienced that she not only shares her wisdom, but also truly connects from the heart.

Lisa Warwick, Gold Coast, Australia

Claire is a real example of living “Feminine First”, she allows her natural, internal femininity to flow & is expressed in her encouraging words & deeds. Personally, I have been touched by Claire’s enthusiasm and willingness to promote femininity; encouraging women to embrace their natural core essence. Claire is a master at encouraging those amongst us who have lived behind tough or masculine exterior masks, to strip away those barriers and feel the strength in “just being feminine, naturally” if that is your true inner being. Having become a touchstone to many women all over the world who look forward to Claire’s inspiration, I count myself lucky to have spent time with her at a recent event in Australia & was touched by her amazing spirit. Claire possesses a dynamic & radiant personality & exemplifies the beauty & strength of a truly feminine woman.

Joss Sargent, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Claire has a true passion for her subject matter, knows her stuff and it is obvious she has great authenticity. When you meet her you’ll immediately be able to tell that she totally ‘walks her talk’ and I 100% recommend you ladies to connect with her – you will without a doubt get so much from the experience. I only wish she was living in Dubai (where I presently am!)

Angela Borsellino Spagnol, Sydney, Australia.

Claire Brummell is a positive, loving woman who is passionate about making a difference and changing lives.
I can’t get enough of Claire’s quotes and the useful information that she provides. She is definitely an inspiring global feminine role model in the making. Claire brings out the feminine side in me and I’m so blessed to have connection with her from another part of the world.

Yvette Visser, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Claire is a very energetic, loving and outgoing personality who can get along very easy with people and make them feel very much at ease. She is very much aware of her femininity and that makes her strong and very attractive. She knows a lot about how to get as much out of yourself as possible and always knows to touch the right spots to help you forward and to get the energy from within yourself. Claire is a great inspiration to me because of who she is, and what she pursues and how she does it. She knows her purpose in life and does anything to realise that and help others forward.

Andrea R., Adelaide, South Australia

For most of my life I rested large chunks of my self esteem on being a success in a masculine work-world and I struggled to respect women who ‘needed’ a man, dressed in dresses or fluttered their eyelashes. Fortunately I eventually unearthed the cause of my fears and embraced my femininity. Life is SO much better now I ‘get it’. Claire Brummell has a mission to help women understand that the loving, nurturing nature of a genuinely feminine woman is a supreme power for good for herself and all around her. Claire has provided a central website and a bunch of resources that have been inspiring to me and have been a place to return whenever I needed reminding. She is a warm and responsive person with a passion for what she does and she does it with love.

Helga Skriker, London, UK – Founder of Woman of Worth –

I had the pleasure of hearing Claire speak at an event in London. She is an engaging, inspiring and entertaining speaker whose smile and sparkling personality creates an instant and genuine connection with her audiences. Her excellent content, whole-hearted approach and complete authenticity is both refreshing and powerful. What struck me instantly was that Claire “walks her talk” – she radiates femininity and her energy is extremely attractive and joyful. I see her as a true feminine role model who personifies the power of re-connecting with your femininity. Claire is passionate about helping others and her talks are genuinely touching and transformative – she has a very real and lasting impact on everyone who meets her.

Bronwen Hall, Brisbane, Australia

Claire Brummell is a rare example of feminine strength. She has a passion for helping other females to embrace their feminine selves while still being true to themselves. Claire lives what she believes, that being that girls of all ages can be simultaneously strong and gorgeous both inside and out. She is an inspiration to everyone that has the honour of meeting her. The message that she shares is essential to anyone that is or knows a female that desires to embody the feminine goddess that resides inside.

Lauren D’Elboux, Sydney, Australia

Claire is an amazing & inspiring Woman, Every day I am online to get my daily inspiration from Claire, she has a huge heart and will go out of her way to help, love & support someone. She is truly a blessing!

Rhona Byrne, Woking, UK

Having worked with Claire, I would like to say that she is passionate about her subject, and as a speaker is authentic and interesting. She has a subtle way of injecting her own brand of engaging feminine humour into a topic.
Her genuine desire to help people comes across in a refreshingly honest way. Claire is an inspiration to other women.

Cath, Australia

Claire’s wise and caring advice always seems to resonate with the group she has created and her presence is appreciated. For me personally I have been recently trying to unfold themes around rejection and increasing my own self confidence as a woman. Claire has often offered me another way to look at things which is empowering i.e. choose to become a role model, which in turn puts you in a place of choice and control of a situation.

Tracey, Northamptonshire, UK

Claire Brummell is a talented, entertaining and compelling speaker. Her thoughts and ideas are concise and insightful. Claire embodies femininity and is a true example of walking the talk (in high heels obviously!). Her dynamic, humourous delivery keeps her audience alert and involved. Claire’s content is beautifully presented and she connects with her audience. She delivers a powerful and informative presentation that, I am sure, will receive high ratings by everyone in attendance. I would highly recommend Claire for any speaking engagement where the desire is to learn and have fun while doing it.

Monika Joanna Drozd, Clinical Hypnotherapist – Harley Street, London

Claire was absolutely brilliant! It took only a day to have me feeling completely different about myself. She’s a lady of 3 E’s – great Expertise, great Experience and great Energy, she brings a spark onto the stage and although she was the last speaker of the day she brought up everyones’ energy and joy. It was very interactive and I would definitely recommend her, whether it’s for your business, in general for your life or for your family, she’s just fantastic and she makes things very simple. Get in touch with Claire!

Lorraine Lewis, District Sales Manager, Avon Cosmetics – UK

When we found out that one of the other Avon teams was putting a day of inspiration on I decided to get involved, invite my team so that they could all come along and be inspired, and come to hear some of the guest speaks of which Claire was one. Claire was totally fantastic, my team really are grateful. We will definitely be recommending you, you’ve really inspired and touched us, thank you very much.

Richard McCann, Sunday Times Best Selling Author and inspirational speaker

I have to say, out of all of the speakers, including myself, Claire was the best, the most eloquent speaker on the day. The way she delivered her content was very thought-provoking, very eloquent, and I wish I was a little bit more like her myself, I don’t mind saying so!  If you’re looking for a speaker, Claire would be a speaker that I would highly recommend.

Allison – USA

“Claire’s process for discovering limiting beliefs was very illuminating. Once I looked at how many I wanted to get rid of, I was eager to get started, but it also felt a bit daunting. 

Claire’s Beliefs Alignment exercise was very complete and I started through the process diligently. As the first 4 beliefs opened up and cleared, I suddenly had a ‘quantum leap’ moment! Each of the rest of the beliefs I reviewed instantly had the replacement supporting belief appear! 

It was amazing the sense of clarity and relief I gained! How marvelous that Claire’s process took my mind to that perfect ‘in the zone’ space! And I even got the ‘instant download’ for clarity about who I am and what I want! Awesome!”

Jams, UK

Your work is nothing short of inspirational, wonderful and beautiful.  Where sometimes us chaps get a little bit lost with the opposite sex (because secretly we really do and we want to be the best we can to our female friends and future partner), well… we take great help, advice and wisdom from you.  So this is a really big thank you because you really do help us chaps with our confidence.

ULP Live New York

Christina Martínez  – New York, USA

Claire, THANK YOU!! You did a FANTASTIC job sharing your knowledge, love & experience. Your wisdom came at a perfect time in my life. I look forward to connecting to learn more from you!! xoxo

Debra Warshaw – New York, USA

Honestly, i wouldn’t have changed a thing. it was a great and fun combination of social, educational, food/drink, etc….obviously another hour or so for you to speak Claire would have been lovely, but there are always going to be limitations that way. Thanks for a fantastic night! xo

Ursula Boehmer – New York, USA

Claire, your content and delivery was amazing last night…I could have sat for hours listening to you speak….

Justin Pandelo  – New Jersey, USA

Thanks Claire! You put on a hell of a presentation. So many were inspired last night! So much to talk about and it felt like the night just rushed by!

Fatema Iqbal – New Jersey, USA

Claire you were magnificent! I wish you had more time to speak. It was such a amazing night with everyone and I’m so glad I came and met you in person beautiful.

Kate Withey – San Francisco, USA

GREAT talk, Claire! Obviously, we all just wanted more of you!

David Block , New York, USA

Both speakers could have gone for another 2-3 hours each and we still would have been hanging on every word….

Maurice Castle – New York, USA

Claire you knocked it out the park! Home run! And we want more… You definitely had your own flavor on the masculine and feminine that felt new and refreshing. I was expecting more of a Deida talk on the subject but your personal story of how you got to where you are and personal insights really drew me in… Thank you

Kimberly Bruno – New York, USA

For me one of the best quote of the night was from Claire Brummell. “It only take a small shift in your perception to see the other persons point of view”.

ULP Live Chicago

Jill Koenig – Chicago, USA

Claire, your presentation was fantastic and wonderfully enlightening!!! I am still beaming from the beautiful evening with Claire Brummell and everyone who came out to the ULP Chicago event last night. Not surprisingly, I loved everyone I met, the atmosphere positive and constructive, the food was non-stop deliciousness and of course, I had some great insights and breakthroughs with regards to myself and relationships. Anytime we can get together in person is a gift. For those of you in Dallas, do whatever you have to do to be there on October 27th. You won’t be disappointed. Thanks again to everyone who made last night possible and magical. An evening I will treasure for sure. 

Romina Grecu – Chicago, USA

Claire you were awesome ! Shared with a friend of mine some of your content from last night and it really help her:) thank you!

“Finding Your Feminine Flow”

Allison Keeley – San Francisco, USA

I’ve always struggled with receiving help from others. I was raised to be a confident, competent woman who can take care of herself. I can lift heavy things, I can pay my own way, I can solve problems on my own…. And receiving compliments often feels a little uncomfortable (especially if I don’t see what the other person sees). After watching Claire’s “Finding Your Feminine Flow,” I started to pay attention to where I was blocking receiving in my life.  It was really enlightening! I caught myself complaining about how much I had to do, and wanting to brush off offers to help! Could I do those things? Yes! Would it lighten my load if I let someone else help me? YES! And strangely enough, the more often I accepted help, the easier it became!

Alinda Ramos – Orlando, Florida

I have been an event planner for 20+ years. As a leader of my company, I tend to be in my masculine energy of getting things done most of the time, even when I get  home from work. This can cause some challenges in my romantic relationship  because when my husband and I are both “in charge” we tend to be in discord. This  affects my peace of mind and it puts me in a defensive state, which doesn’t feel good.  Claire’s guiding words in “Finding Your Feminine Flow” where very helpful in  reminding me how to relax and reconnect with my true feminine essence, allowing  me to be a better partner and lover to my husband. When I put into practice the  wisdom shared in this program, I feel more at peace and excited about life in  general!

Alexandra Niel, Shanghai, China

“Having had the chance to work with you before, Flow, and especially receiving, is an area I have had a chance to explore before and have made a conscious effort to embed in my life. However, having recently moved to China, I have felt an increasing sense of responsibility and need for control as I work on getting settled in my new life. I found exactly what you mention in the video. I am continually and constantly exhausted tying to control things I cannot control. To give you an “extreme” example, I found myself getting very frustrated when I arrived because I was unable to communicate with most people. I wanted everyone to speak English! Knowing that would never work, I turned to my colleagues who were willing to help and support me in the transition. They made phone calls for me, they helped teach me some key words. They really gave a lot of themselves and while I felt like I was imposing on them, they were happy to help me. Learning to accept that help without feeling like I was imposing or taking advantage of them was a “humbling” experience for me. it kinda forced me into my Feminine and made me realize that although I am here on my own, I am not alone and I will succeed in this endeavor by allowing myself to receive, instead of forcing my way through a world I do not yet understand. I am also learning from the women around me here. I feel Chinese women are by and large living more in their Feminine then most women I know. There is a big cultural influence driving this, but it feels like a role they are very comfortable in. They readily accept compliments. They willingly let people help them. It’s a great lesson for me! Thank you for the easy strategies in how to allow receiving back into my life.”

Fulfilled Feminine Video Collection

Allison Keeley – San Francisco, USA

Claire walks you through every step of the discovery journey and there is a modality for everyone: watch, listen or read; checklists, questions and how-to’s. I love that she talks about balance in a new light. I SO often find myself feeling pressure to reciprocate equally every step of the way, even when I don’t have space for it. And then feel guilty and beat myself up if I’m not ‘giving to the relationship’ in equal parts as my partner at any given moment. Such a relief to hear her reminder that it’s all about the big picture and the long-term balance. Thanks, Claire, for the examples that help me place the learnings and insights I get with you into my own life.

Alinda Ramos – Orlando, Florida

I have been an event planner for 20+ years. As a leader of my company, I tend to be in my masculine energy of getting things done most of the time, even when I get home from work. I am 43 and until recently, I was single and never had been married. I had not been in a serious romantic relationship since my early twenties and was practically married to my job. When I went on the few dates I had, I was serious, uptight and carried the thoughts around with me like: “don’t screw this up;” “well, if he doesn’t like me the way I am, then we shouldn’t be together;” “I hope he’s not intimidated by me;” etc. etc. By being in my masculine most of the time, I was essentially repelling most if not all men. Going through Claire’s Fulfilled Feminine Video Collection, I learned how to reconnect with my true self, which at my core is a strong, vulnerable and feminine woman. When I put into practice the exercises that are suggested, I started to be more playful, relaxed and open, which in essence made me more attractive to men. I felt more comfortable in my own skin and moved like the sexy woman I was and am. All of a sudden, I was turning heads everywhere I went. Today, I am happily married to a wonderful man and the tools in my feminine toolkit are the keys to keeping the romance alive and helping me navigate the ups and downs of life in a more loving and compassionate way.

Johanna Lyman – CVO, CFO, Lead Like a C.O.A.C.H. – Massachusetts, USA

I thought I was living authentically before I did this work with Claire, but there were definitely places where I was still forcing things and not letting people help me. I was such a Lone Ranger! These videos revealed ways that I could soften even further into my feminine essence, and life has become so much more fun and effortless!

I’ll admit it: I’m a recovering control freak. Even after I started softening, and beginning to explore my feminine essence, the last thing to go was my need for control. I remember thinking, “NO!! Not that– anything but that! Please let me stay in control!!” Through watching these videos, I’ve been able to pry my grasping fingers away from the throat of my life. And a miracle happened: my life is better than it EVER was when I was in control (or at least in the illusion of control!). 

Feminine 1st Programme

 Sammy Blindell, France

“I joined Claire’s programme because it is important to me that I stay connected both to my true self and also to other like-minded women who are going through the same challenges in life and business as me.

I always stayed away from groups like this before that were all women, because I thought (wrongly) that being feminine in business was a BIG NO NO. I alsothought I could be strong and do everything on my own. Sound familiar to you?

Well i’ve realised since being part of the Feminine 1st community for the last few days that being feminine is not a weakness, it’s a key strength. Having grown up with three brothers and spent my entire career surrounded by mostly male dominated environments, I realise that there are many aspects to my character which are more ‘learned behaviour’ in a masculine way than I naturally would be if I were ‘just being me’. Even the way I talk and stand is more masculine than feminine!!

Having thought about it long and hard, I realise that is why my past relationships haven’t worked out. Well how could the men in my life be real men for me if I never gave them the chance to be. I was always so wrapped up in my career, being the best, being in control, doing everything on my own before asking for help, not showing my emotions, etc… so how could they possibly have had the chance to step up?

It doesn’t mean sitting back and letting the man do everything or being chained to the stove! It just means that on an emotional level you gain more strength as a woman when you stop trying to be the one in the relationship, (business or personal), who solves everything and let the men in your life take the lead when it feels right to do so.

As i’ve stepped back a little bit, the change in Steve is amazing. It has been really quite a powerful realisation as to how controlling i’ve been in the past to have everything ‘my way’ and I’m so glad I met Claire now because Steve and I are quite new in our relationship and this is my chance to let the real me shine through and enable Steve to step up.

As I said on stage last week, ‘When you surround yourself with peers, you start shifting gears’. The best way to do this is to find a peer group that speaks to you most and give it 100%. I have found a great peer group at Feminine 1st and would seriously recommend you get involved.”

Written Case Studies

Aisha Ahmed

What was the reason or situation that caused you to reach out to Claire for coaching / mentoring initially?  How were you feeling? What did you want?  What did you want to change?

I was at a place in my life where I desired to have a relationship and was confused about what kind of man I was looking for.  I was feeling lost and unsure of myself and my decisions.  I wanted clarity and to gain insight on relationships and men

What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from signing up to a course of coaching / mentoring with Claire? Why are you glad you went ahead in spite of this?

The obstacle that would have prevented me from signing up to mentoring with Claire is cost however I could see the value in what I would gain – I could see that bringing me closer to what type of relationship I would like to attract into my life is priceless and I couldn’t afford not to do it.

What did you find as a result of Claire’s coaching / mentoring?

A lot of self-work – I have learned that this is the absolute core of what I have needed to work through – having the best relationship I can have with myself is fundamental to attracting the type of relationship I want in my life.  I have gained tremendous clarity in the value of self-worth and self-love.

What specifically did you like most about Claire’s coaching / mentoring?

To put it simply, the way Claire explains things makes so much sense and I have so much confidence in her wealth of knowledge and experience.  She is light-hearted and easy to communicate with, I feel at ease and I feel that she addresses all of my concerns and is also very intuitive in how to guide me in the best way for me.

What would be three other benefits about working with Claire?

1) Claire has a flexible approach in her mentoring – if something arises from our work together and she feels it is a key area to explore she feels strongly about guiding me towards this and is not rigid in her guidance

2) Claire acknowledges and praises the work done in between sessions – she takes all of it on board and gives great feedback on how I am approaching and handling the exercises. 

3) Each session gets better and better and I come away each time having gained more clarity and guidance.

Would you recommend working with Claire to others? If so, why?

Yes, I definitely would.  Claire has helped me to dig deep and make amazing shifts in my life – her insight and perspectives on the self and relationships help to see things with more clarity – and her guidance in tackling challenging areas is made simple yet the results achieve amazing breakthroughs.  Relationships are paramount in life to everyone, I truly feel that having a personal mentor for guidance is the best investment anyone can make to the most important area of their life.

Is there anything you’d like to add?

One of the most liberating exercises I have worked through with Claire is the practical cathartic work where I have released thoughts and feelings onto paper and burnt them, giving myself permission to let them go – I can not express how the action of this is so freeing.

The other area I love about Claire’s guidance is her encouragement to celebrate and do things that I love to fill myself up after I have released and let go of areas that do not serve me anymore.


I am grateful for the day that Claire’s business card fell out of my pocket at a time that I was seeking guidance in my life.  Claire has taken me on an incredible journey towards my inner core – stripping away layers of conditioned thinking and limitations – helping me to meet myself with open arms.  I now understand the meaning of self worth and self love where being me is the best place I can be.  I celebrate who I am every day and I know that I am in a place where I will attract the relationship I now desire in my life.

Jo, UK

1.    What was the reason or situation that caused you to reach out to Claire for coaching / mentoring initially?  How were you feeling?  What did you want?  What did you want to change?

I have had three sessions only so far with Claire and already I feel my life and attitude has been transformed beyond belief. I was feeling lost, lonely and frustrated with my life and this was affecting everything – my work, my relationships with family and friends and my relationship with myself. I actually got to the point of desperation. I had met Claire previously at a couple of events and having kept in contact with her, continually reading her website and Facebook posts (which always seem to resonate with me and come at just the right times) she was the first person who came into my mind in terms of help and support outside of my close circle. I knew her to be a warm, helpful, generous and  encouraging person. I wanted some help to get me out of the rut I seem to have got myself into, particularly in terms of my intimate relationship. I felt I needed support and help to work out the next steps in my life. I had previously been in a damaging relationship which had left me with many scars which were affecting many aspects of my life.

2.    What was the obstacle that would have prevented you from signing up to a course of coaching / mentoring with Claire?

I had some reservations however in terms of signing up to and committing to several sessions of mentoring due to time available (I run a very busy business) and I also wanted to be careful in terms of cost. I have come across many coaches who charge high prices for little in return.

3.    What did you find as a result of Claire’s coaching / mentoring?

I found Claire to be extremely flexible in terms of time and cost. We discussed the most appropriate way forward for me and decided on a programme which fit into my timescale, need and finances perfectly. Claire really wants to help people and while she values her time and offering (and rightly so), it is not all about money.

4.    What specifically did you like most about Claire’s coaching / mentoring?

There are many aspects of Claire’s approach which suit me, which are different to others’ methods and which I value. Firstly she is extremely interested in my development in between sessions and asks for continual updates day by day which is great as things change and develop day by day as we all know. She asks fantastic questions which get me thinking and asking myself questions I wouldn’t have thought of in terms of my development. She is encouraging, non-judgemental and helps me feel normal in terms of my thinking and the obstacles which are currently present. Every time I speak to her, I feel a weight has been lifted and I feel huge leaps forward in my development. She completely gets me and understands what I am thinking and feeling even before I do sometimes! She is extremely intuitive and has so much knowledge and experience about the way relationships work and specifically for me, male female relationships. I have learned so much about the way males and females think and function differently and this has helped me to move forward in terms of finding the intimate relationship I dream of.

5.    What would be three other benefits about working with Claire?

Claire doesn’t just ask questions to get me thinking, but she imparts knowledge and information from her experience and learnings to help me look at my situation in different lights. I have so many light bulb moments with Claire, it’s amazing!! She is a very gentle soul, down to earth, natural, funny and extremely talented. Claire has given me the knowledge and confidence to experiment with different approaches, to accept certain emotions and behaviour are normal (and that it is OK for me feel the way I do rather than beat myself up), to take back emotional control and to set healthy boundaries in my relationships with others. Having tackled the issues we have so far which have been mainly based around my relationships, I have found other parts of my life have fallen into place. I already feel more organised, happy, excited about life, in control, more giving and loving in all areas and I haven’t quite found him yet, but I am in a great place at the moment and I am ready for whatever life throws at me.

6.    Would you recommend working with Claire to others? If so, why?

I would say if you have lost your way a little or are feeling your life is not quite as you would like, make Claire your first port of call. She will transform you, I promise!!!

7.    Is there anything you’d like to add?

I am excited about my ongoing sessions with Claire. I feel I have a little buddy to help me and support me and I feel so grateful that Claire came into my life. Thanks Claire, you’re simply fab!!!!!!

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