That niggling feeling that something is missing...

Are you a successful person who feels frustrated because even though you are achieving life goals and creating success, you still have that niggling feeling that something is missing? Something that's preventing you from feeling that your life is really fulfilling? Something that is standing in the way of you actually being able to enjoy your successes?

That's where I come in.

Now you can work with an experienced and trusted resource who has a natural ability to see any ‘blind spots’ you might have and using unique and exclusive tools like “The Universal Needs” methodology, can help you to find and address the missing piece, which will allow you to finally be able to fully enjoy the success that you have created.


How Can I Help?

I provide transformational insight, support and guidance in three main areas:

"When we learn how to meet our own needs fully, we get to finally experience life from a place of fulfilment, rather than from the constant, empty search for something to fill the void.

Learning how to meet your own needs is like learning how to stoke the fire of your soul" - Claire Brummell.

Everyone seems to be searching for something. How to experience more of this, or less of that.

Through a unique transformational methodology I can help you to put the power to create a deeply fulfilling life right back into the palm of your own hands, and to finally enjoy the success that you have created.

"EVERYONE deserves the kind of relationship that allows them to be the fullest expression of themselves, helps them to deepen into more of the person they truly are, and feels mutually respectful, supportive and fulfilling" - Claire Brummell.

We are never taught how to have fulfilling relationships, and given that they are the key to success and fulfilment in EVERY area of life, it is vitally important for us to understand how to create and maintain relationships that support us and others in the best possible way. Through extensive research, personal experience and exclusive content, I am uniquely positioned to help you to attract and create the relationship you desire, break old patterns, resolve your relationship challenges and take your relationship to the next level.

"We spend so much of our lives working, that if something is missing from that part of our life it can affect everything else.

A fulfilling work life is fuel for a fulfilling life outside of work, and vice versa" - Claire Brummell.

Discover your ally in creating a work experience that fuels you rather than drains you.

Through supporting both individuals and teams in business, I can help with developing more effective leaders in your business, transforming company culture, assist in conflict resolution and support in the creation and maintenance of powerfully productive team dynamics.

Remember, if you love what you do you'll never work a day in your life.

About Claire

Claire Brummell has spent years helping clients all over the world to create the outcomes they both want AND need in Business, Life and Love.

She is an internationally acclaimed coach, mentor, trainer and public speaker who combines her skills in a diverse range of disciplines with unique and powerful processes that she has personally created and developed to help her clients to design and create the outcomes they are looking for.

From executive level coaching, to group training programs, to one-to-one mentoring online, her work with clients is a combination of art and science, created through a combination of intuition, knowledge, a varied skill set and years of experience.

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