Claire Brummell has been the creator, founder and resident expert for the following brands over the last 10 years:

  • The Universal Needs (2016-Present) – Helping Individuals, communities and organisations understand the 12 Universal Needs through consulting, training, mentoring, courses and products.
  • (2018-Present) – Mentoring and consulting in business, life and love
  • Love, Polarity and Passion (2014-2018) – Relationship coaching and mentoring, courses and products
  • Successful But Single (2013-2018) – Helping people who have been successful in business create fulfilment in relationship
  • Feminine 1st (2011-2018) – Women’s mentor and coach, courses and products providing support and guidance in business, life and love.


The Truth about Marriage – Multi international award-winning documentary

Featured at:

  • Orlando Film Festival – Nomination:  Best Feature Documentary
  • Reading Film Festival
  • Cinequest Film Festival
  • Worldfest Houston – Gold Award: Best Feature Documentary
  • USA Film Festival, Dallas, TX
  • Nice International Filmmaker Festival – Nominations: Best Director of a Feature Documentary & Best Editing of a Feature Documentary
  • Freethought Film Festival
  • Central Java Intl Film Festival/Jogja Intl Film Festival
  • Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival – Award: Best Feature Documentary
  • London International Filmmaker Festival Of World Cinema – Nominations:  Direction, Cinematography
  • Trenton Film Festival – Award: Best Feature Documentary
  • Fort Myers Film Festival
  • Kansas City International Film Festival
  • The Madrid International Film Festival – Nomination: Best Director of a Feature Documentary
  • Breckenridge Film Festival
  • Twin Cities Film Festival, Minneapolis, MN – Nomination: The Robert Byrd Best Documentary Film Award
  • The Barbados Independent Film Festival – Award: Carmichael Award for Exceptional Storytelling


Love In Your Pocket documentary


Well Sh*t. It really is that simple

Creator/ co-host of the “Well Sh*t. It really is that simple…” podcast

Well Sh*t. It really is that simple

Available on the following platforms:

Video Interviews

Lynn Hord – Conscious Entrepreneur Interview Series (New South Wales, Australia)

Shift Balance with Nisa Mac Mahon (Sitges, Spain)

Lulu Minns Business (The Rebel Heart Club)

  • How to find the missing piece and how to start getting your needs met – Interview with Claire Brummell (Brighton, UK)

The Academy of Online Mastery

Ask the Experts with Steve Woodward – Interview with Claire Brummell (London, UK)

  • The Black and White of Racism and White Privilege (London, UK)

Watford Black History Month (Watford, UK):

  • Black Lives Matter:  White Privilege. A discussion about White Privilege,  what is it and why does it matter?
  • Hosted by Watford African Caribbean Association with guest speakers Claire Brummell and Former Deputy Director of Nursing, Ethel Changa

Understanding the Masculine and Feminine with Gerald Rogers (Utah, USA)

Superwoman babes online lounge with Angelique Tsang – Interview with Claire Brummell (London, UK)

Ania TV Interview with Claire Brummell (London, UK)


The Soulmate Summit (London, UK)

Why men pull away summit with Cyndi Olin (San Diego, USA) – America’s top relationship experts

The Big Virtual Detox with Rachel Swann (UK)

The Epic Love Summit with Gerald Rogers (Utah, USA)

Let Love Come to You Summit (London, UK)

Ignite your Mama Mojo Summit with Emily Thorpe (Petersfield, UK)


LBC Radio – Leading Britain’s Conversation

Interview with Julia Hartley-Brewer

LBC News

Channel Radio – Who Cares Wins Radio Show (Kent, UK)

Larry – Larry love show (San Diego, California)

PLV Radio Network – Interview with Claire Brummell (BC, Canada)

Waking Passions Radio with Lillian Ogbogoh (London, UK)

Lisa Steadman – Woo hoo Radio (Los Angeles, USA

The Essence Show with Susie Heath (London, UK)

Sara Ellis Show on Untangled FM

Tribal Chat with Shivie Cook (San Francisco, USA)

OnFM – 101.4 (London, UK)

Leading in Truth Podcast (San Diego, USA)

Unleash Your Inner Sparkle with Sherri Nickols

  • “The power of being connected to your feminine essence”