Claire Brummell has been the creator, founder and resident expert for the following brands over the last 10 years:

  • The Universal Needs (2016-Present) – Helping Individuals, communities and organisations understand the 12 Universal Needs through consulting, training, mentoring, courses and products.
  • (2018-Present) – Mentoring and consulting in business, life and love
  • Love, Polarity and Passion (2014-2018) – Relationship coaching and mentoring, courses and products
  • Successful But Single (2013-2018) – Helping people who have been successful in business create fulfilment in relationship
  • Feminine 1st (2011-2018) – Women’s mentor and coach, courses and products providing support and guidance in business, life and love.

Live Group programs

Unlimited Refills: The guilt-free way to keeping your own cup full

  • Program 1 – Roots and Trunk of The Universal Needs Tree
  • Program 2 – Branches and Leaves/Fruit of The Universal Needs Tree

What you need to Simply Thrive

Self Care Made Simple Mini Masterclass

Collaboration with Ultimate Love and Passion


Resourced and Resilient – The first steps to meeting all of your own needs

How to ensure your needs ALWAYS get met (in less than 15 minutes a day)

How to remove your biggest business blocks (in less than 15 minutes a day)

How to solve the biggest relationship problem (in less than 15 minutes a day)

7 mistakes single women make when looking for love

Your questions answered: Femininity, Masculinity, Polarity, dating and relationships

Femininity for the single woman

Videos/Video Series/Video Course

Udemy Expert

Travelling Together – How to explore the world without ruining your relationship

The first steps to transforming any relationship – Video Series

LPPTV Video series

Fulfilled feminine video collection

Femininity for the single woman Video Course

Finding your feminine flow

Audio programs

The Feminine Evolution

First Steps to Femininity

How to have a happy relationship


The Six mistakes singles make when looking for love