Claire Brummell has been the creator, founder and resident expert for the following brands over the last 10 years:

  • The Universal Needs (2016-Present) – Helping Individuals, communities and organisations understand the 12 Universal Needs through consulting, training, mentoring, courses and products.
  • (2018-Present) – Mentoring and consulting in business, life and loveLove, Polarity and Passion (2014-2018) – Relationship coaching and mentoring, courses and products
  • Successful But Single (2013-2018) – Helping people who have been successful in business create fulfilment in relationship
  • Feminine 1st (2011-2018) – Women’s mentor and coach, courses and products providing support and guidance in business, life and love.

Public Speaking

Women’s Media Center Expert

Live Events

Joy jam sessions (London, UK)

“Redefining Self-Care for the New Paradigm, with Claire Brummell of Universal Needs”

Women 1st Conference (London, UK)

  • The Women 1st Conference is THE annual event for women working in hospitality, passenger transport, travel and tourism. Offering a jam-packed day of inspiring speakers, networking sessions and workshops.
    • Workshop – The Feminine approach to business success

Avon Cosmetics (Newmarket, UK)

The Time to Shine Conference (London, UK)

  • Guest expert – “Relationships are the key to shining in life”

Living your life like it’s Golden (Birmingham, UK)

Weekend Workshop with Maria K

Knightsbridge Dental Care – Employee Workshop

  • Workshop session for employees covering:
    • How to deal with overwhelm
    • How to cultivate your intuition
    • How to create time to meet your own needs
    • How to connect with the feminine
    • How to meditate

Success Bootcamp Conference

  • Workshop – “9 Mistakes people make in ALL relationships and the ONE thing you must understand for success in ANY relationship”

All woman workshop expert speaker (London, UK)

Expert Speaker – “The Feminine way to business success”

Expert Guest Speaker for CEO Mums Launch Event (London, UK)

Claire with some of the delegates and Nicola Huelin, CEO of CEO Mums

Ultimate Love and Passion Live (Unpaid speaking events)

  • Expert Speaker, “The Secrets to mastering the masculine and feminine in dating”
    • ULP Live – New York
    • ULP Live – Chicago
    • ULP Life – Dallas

Internet Business School by Simon Coulson

  • Expert speaker for Platinum, Platinum Plus and Elite Members (London, UK)
    • “The Power of Relationships in Business”

Hampstead Women’s Entrepreneurs Club

Expert speaker on Networking for your business (London, UK)

Norwich Yes Group expert speaker (Norwich, UK)

  • “The Feminine Way to success in business”

Omega Point Women’s Empowerment events in Knightsbridge, London

  • Expert speaker at the Omega Point Women’s Empowerment events in Knightsbridge, London for multiple events (London, UK)

Styling Stripped Bare’s Christmas Worthshop

Expert speaker (London, UK)

Inner Diamond Mastermind Group (Birmingham, UK)

Guest Expert

Tribal Truth, International Women’s Empowerment Organisation (Headquarters in San Diego, USA)

Exclusive Playshop and Mixer (London UK)

  • Expert Speaker for collaboration with Angelique Tsang of Let Love Come to You and Ultimate Love and Passion


Denise Mortimer Business Coaching

Mini workshop for Denise Mortimer’s Business Coaching Group – How to remove the biggest business blocks in 15 min a day

Everyday Bright with Jennifer Gresham

Webinar on Networking

Collaboration with Angelique Tsang as an expert speaker

“Finding Yourself Through the Feminine”

Collaborations with Ultimate Love and Passion as an expert speaker

  • “The Key To Empowerment In Dating & Relationships”
  • “How to be ready for your ultimate partner”