Over the last year there have been a lot of changes at ‘Claire central.’ I have been, as always, doing some deep personal work of my own. Among other things, I chose to transition out of a relationship that was no longer serving me and I launched the ClaireBrummell.com website.

The most important part of these changes has definitely been the personal journey I’ve been on and the deepening of my own work. As a coach, mentor and teacher, I believe it is vital to first and foremost be a lifelong student and to continue the journey of learning and growing as I support others on their journeys to do the same.

The work I have been exploring around privilege in the last year has been simultaneously eye-opening and horrifying. It has been difficult, heart-wrenching and deeply necessary. I have had my eyes opened to the areas in life where I have privilege which I was previously completely blind to, and to the areas in which I don’t, the impact of which I was also mostly unaware of. I am very grateful to the many teachers I have encountered on this journey, some formal teachers, others just brave individuals doing their own work in a way that helped me to learn more about myself. This work has changed me at a fundamental level, and has also caused me to reflect on and re-evaluate both the work I am currently doing and have done in the past.

While there has undoubtedly been value in the work I have done prior to now, my ignorance to both my own privilege and how I had internalised the effects of privileges I did not have, without question informed both the work and how it was approached and presented. Some of the content and how it has been approached no longer reflects my current perspective or how I would choose to share this work in the future. As a result, I have come to a big decision that has been difficult to make, but also feels necessary. Effective immediately I have taken both the Feminine 1st and Love Polarity and Passion websites offline, and the brands have been removed from social media. I will still be working with clients on the subject matter these brands covered if they wish to explore them, but how they are approached will be reflective of my new learnings and understandings. At the present time and for the immediate future, the only brands I will be working under will be ClaireBrummell.com and The Universal Needs.

I also want to make an unreserved apology to anyone who has been harmed by my work to date because of my own ignorance of privilege (both those I hold and those I do not). Ignorance is not an excuse and good intention does not matter when there has been a harmful impact. I will address any individual instances where this is relevant, if and when they come up, but for now, I simply want to say sorry for any way my ignorance has created an impact that I have not been aware of. I am and will always be seeking ways to learn, improve and do better.

I have also been asked about the delay in launch of The Universal Needs (due to launch in 2018), which many of you have shared that you are excited to explore. The reason for the delay was the need to integrate these new learnings into that piece of work, so the content is as supportive, accessible, relevant and inclusive as possible, and so that anyone who could benefit from the work can see the work in themselves and themselves in the work. I am currently working on the final stages of this process, and I hope to be launching in 2019.

I will also be sharing some of my learnings from this work that has so deeply impacted me and my life, and for which I am so grateful, so that others may benefit from my learnings and from my mistakes. I am not an expert in privilege or social justice. There are many others out there more knowledgeable and qualified than me to teach on these subjects (some of whom I will be amplifying and recommending in these articles), but I hope that through sharing my understandings, perspectives and experiences that others may be able to learn a little more about themselves, the personal work they might want or need to do and paths that they might want to consider exploring.

For anyone who has followed or is following me on this journey, I am grateful for you and I am excited to be able to share more with you as the journey unfolds.

With love and gratitude,

Claire x

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4 thoughts to “Big Changes, and I’m Sorry.

  • Julie


    • Claire Brummell

      Thank you <3

  • Magda Bebenek

    Dear Claire,

    Sending you so much love! I’m impressed with your decision and wish you all the best in the upcoming endeavours. I’ll happily join you on this new leg of the journey.

    Hugs from a Polish forest,

    • Claire Brummell

      Thank you Magda, I appreciate your support x


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